Freelancer writer in tech branding- Yabsira Endalekachaw



Who we are

The customer satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue growth. Let us help you stay ahead in this dynamic environment

Our aim is to drive and support top-line growth by providing a more consistent and seamless customer service experience through cloud migration and digital transformation, comprehensive transition planning and enablement, and customer experience and solution optimization

   we are copywriters that focus on tech AD copies especially with B2B content with tech service branding  If you are already started a business or you are planning to start a business  we are  here to assist you in all branding task that only include writing that we can reach your potential clients, how can you do this you might ask, so we conduct 5 simple but not easy points for you that we are sure if we planted them as perfectly as possible we reach our goals at any moment.

By consistently posting in all of the platform not only we get so much eyeballs in our content by we create emotional connection thought our clients if we can be consistent and build our reputation and trust in our targeted clients.
We are hoping we can partner to pursuing growth on you writing category that elevate you and your business.
If that interest you great! that is a start and let’s talk
“Just remember you don’t find relationships you build one”


Our plans for your company

Our work to your company concerning branding is to provide a well written copy that conveys about the services you give, and by researching, positioning and messaging strategy focusing on WHO and HOW we can build the brand puts you and us a head in to your market.

However, since messaging is change thought time we can put a competitive analysis covered by this point:

  • Product diversity
  • Geographic converges
  • Distribution channels used
  • Product quality or pricing

But not only this point can proof to us anything if we can’t tell our targeted clients why we are special and how can we elevate in to this market by gathering a current market landscape with out a doubt , you’ll encounter competitors along the way and their can slow down our progress that why we come here to help you in every step of the way even if it’s not professional of us we can help thought emotional support since our work is based on evoking emotions we deal with that to if you want to see our samples in every point on services branding that you can click on this very topic:

  • Current market land scale
  • customer based and competition
  • brand positioning messaging and
  • target audiences and visual branding